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The process of levelling property!

A smooth, even lawn, without bumps or depressions, is important as it provides a much more usable surface to walk on. Any activity (athletic or otherwise) will be made safer and more enjoyable – from soccer, croquet, bocce ball to just running around. For kids and adults alike.

A level lawn also contributes to a healthier and easier to maintain lawn. Not only does it result in a better quality cut, because your mower won’t be scalping the lawn, you can also mow more quickly because the mower isn’t jumping around. Not to mention, mowing over a bumpy surface is simply uncomfortable (much like driving over potholes in your car). Low spots are of particular concern because as the tires pass over them, the level of the mower blade also drops, plunging it into the higher spots and cutting the grass there too low. The last advantage to a level lawn is drainage. Holes and low spots tend to collect water in pools, which increases chance of lawn disease.

A level lawn makes your house look amazing. If this is the look you are after give us a call.

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