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Clint Wright - Garden and Landscape Services

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Garden Maintenance

Your garden deserves proper care and maintenance even the ones that are designed as “low-maintenance”. At Clint Wright | Garden and Landscape we would like to give you back your time to enjoy life.
We want your homes to look as smart and stylish for you to enjoy the outside as much as you enjoy your indoors. An attractive outdoor space is sought after every year, it is recognized as adding value to your property and is a great investment to your lifestyle.
Clint Wright Garden and landscape provides an ongoing Garden maintenance service catered to your needs.
we provide pest and disease management, fertilisation programmes, pruning and weeding if required.
We also provide garden maintenance to existing gardens that we have not designed, if you require the wow factor our expertise is what you need. So whether you require regular visits or just a general tidy up from time to time,


Hard Landscaping

At Clint Wright Garden and Landscape we provide a construction service with plans allowing you view your home with a design. Your would not build a house without a building plan.

At Clint Wright garden and landscape we have a team of self driven employees with a drive for perfection to implement a outdoor area our clients are proud of and love to show it off. 

If you are searching for landscaping construction solutions of high quality at a reasonable price in Hawke’s Bay, then give Clint a call.

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Hard Landscaping - Fences

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